Registered Nurse explains medical information in Award-Winning Children’s Book Nurse Florence®, I’m Having Trouble Sleeping and has won the distinguished Favorite Award

Nurse Florence®, I’m Having Trouble Sleeping by Dow Creative Enterprises has won the Distinguished Favorite with the Independent Press Award program.  The Independent Press Award program is open to all independent authors and publishers.  Their goal is to help gain more attention for independent books from a larger audience.  This program clearly outlines its criteria in judging books and does make note that some of the judging is subjective.  However, they team up with others who have the knowledge of the marketplace.  Their judging is done by a committee and a point system.  Although sometimes they are subjective in their judgements, they make an effort to be fair and hold books to a high standard.

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Ecstatic about having won the Distinguished Favorite award, Michael Dow shares his thoughts in the following quote. “We are very proud to have won a Distinguished Favorite with the Independent Press Award program,” says Dow. “Their program states that they exist to help highlight ‘great books that independent presses work so hard to develop and share with the rest of the world.’  Books by Dow Creative Enterprises bring medical info down to a child’s level and I’m confident every consumer of the book will see the hard work we put into these education pieces.”

To purchase a copy of Nurse Florence®, I’m Having Trouble Sleeping, you can go to the following link: or you can go on and/or the Barnes & Noble website, type in the title and buy the book from either of these sites.  This book is available in paperback and hardcover editions only.  Depending on which book retailer you use, you can possibly get a discount on how many books you purchase.

For the whole month of November 2022, paperback copies of the books will be discounted as much as 41%.  Visit to quickly get to a link to access the printer’s website for the discount.

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The Nurse Florence® series currently has 27 books available for purchase with plans to release more each month for the foreseeable future.  There is only one writer for each of the Nurse Florence® books and 20 illustrators.  You can check for updates to this series at the following website:

Michael Dow is the author of the Nurse Florence® children’s books series and the owner of Dow Creative Enterprises.  Michael Dow is a retired veteran and is now a registered nurse.  Back on September 11, 2001, he was on the path to go to medical school, but instead chose to change his career goals and entered the US Air Force.  He deployed six times for the global war on terror between 2005 and 2009, officially retiring in 2010.  Although he had a temporary leave from medical science to fight in the Armed Forces, Michael always had a passion for the human body and science, so he eventually used his GI bill to go through nursing school and graduated in August 2020.  His education includes the following: B.A. in Psychology, B.S. in Biology, M.S. in Management, Master’s in Health Administration, and an M.S. via the 15-month accelerated Master’s for the Entry into the Profession of Nursing program.  Sandra Islas is the niece of Michael Dow.  She has been interested in drawing since she was a kid and is heavily influenced by anime.  When she isn’t illustrating books, she likes to play video games.  Sandra is a creative and talented teenager and is an adamant believer of following your passions and helping people by doing what you love.

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