Cross-Border Commerce Europe publishes the “TOP 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe” is the third edition of an annual ranking of the top 500 European cross-border online shops. For the first time, the TOP 10 Cross-Border Retailers in Europe for 2020 is dedicated to omnichannel retailers only.

The ranking done by Cross-Border Commerce Europe takes into consideration 4 key indicators. Besides the online cross-border sales obtained by the retailers in Europe, the organization looked as well at the following parameters: SEO indicators covering cross-border performance, the number of countries in which a retailer is active, and the number and percentage of cross-border visitors.

Below you can find six additional secondary weighted parameters fine-tune this ranking:

  1. Brand authority
  2. Organic search percentage
  3. Number of languages
  4. Number of currencies
  5. Number of payment methods
  6. Local supply availability (transport and stock services)

Ikea maintains the leading position with a cross-border turnover of €5.1 billion, an increase of 11% compared to 2019. Surprisingly, H&M Group has its 3 main brands present in the top 10 study – H&M, Cos and & Other Stories. H&M recorded an increase of 45% with their e-shop, and in the fourth quarter of 2020, their online sales increased even by 70%. Of course, this happened following the decision to close their nonessential stores.

On the other hand, the online fashion giant Zalando disappears from the list.

Among the new entrants, this year we can find Swarovski, Expert International, and Pandora.

With Expert International ranking 7th in the annual “TOP 500 Cross-Border Retail Europe” we received the confirmation that our efforts are focused in the right direction. Being the only Consumer Electronics Retailer that reaches the top 10 in this study motivates us to continue to work hard and next year to have at least similar good results!

says Dario Sipos, Digital Marketing Strategist at Expert International.

However, the huge increase of online could not compensate for everything. The fashion industry lost 15% turnover in 2020 vs the previous year. On the other hand, food Mass Merchants increased their total turnover by +10% compared to 2019 (online and offline).

In 2020 cross-border e-commerce revenues (excluding travel) increased by 35% compared to 2019 and reached €146 billion in Europe. Retailers from European Union generate approximately €87 billion which is 60% of the total EU and NON-EU sellers. The TOP 500 sellers are responsible for generating a little above €53 billion turnover out of the EU sellers total. The TOP 10 “Elite” retailers for 2020 are:

  1. IKEA Group (Sweden)
  2. H&M Group (Sweden)
  3. Pandora A/S (Denmark)
  4. Smyth’s Toys HQ UC (Ireland)
  5. The Lego Group (Denmark)
  6. Nestle Group (Nespresso, Switzerland)
  7. Expert International (Switzerland)
  8. H&M Group (Cos, Sweden)
  9. Swarowski AG (Austria)
  10. H&M Group (&Other Stories, Sweden)
TOP 500 cross-border retailers in Europe 2020

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