The face covering that protects you and the others against Covid-19 is here and it works differently than any other facemask available on the market

The potentially COVID-ending, life-saving mask is invented and designed by a Hampstead fashion designer with Microbiology Diploma, Monica Nechifor, who is also the inventor of API-textiles. The mask is manufactured in the United Kingdom. This high-quality, elegant design is extremely durable, washable, reusable, sterilized with UV-light, and most importantly, affordable. It comes in a variety of sizes so it can protect the whole family.

How does it work? The mask features a new technology called a Propolised Filter, which offers three-way protection. The first tier of protection is when the wearer inhales the Propolis particles from the proposed filter, which stops the intracellular replication; the propolised  filter prohibits the virus from multiplying to stop the infection. The second tier of protection is that the filter prevents the virus’s entry into the human host cell. Finally, the third tier of protection is the mask stimulating the immune system of the wearer to fight the infection.

What is the science behind the mask? It all starts with the bee; bees procure propolis from plants and tree resins to take back to their hives to process it with their wax and enzymes. Bees use the  propolis substance to defend their hives against deadly microscopic dangers by killing any pathogens that attempt entry into the hive. The substance is rich in antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties. The presence of Propolis particles prevents the virus from replicating and spreading the infection ,this is possible because of the highly active flavonoids like Kaempfoul and Chrysine.

The COVID-19 virus is transferred from human to human through infected droplets moving through the air that can be transferred to a host body via direct or indirect contact with the nose, mouth, or eyes. During the pandemic, the world has suffered almost 1.9 million deaths, which is still climbing today. Due to how COVID-19 is transmitted, the protective Propolis inhalation powerfully blocks the sites of viral accumulation and helps the immune system reduce oxidative stress.

The face coverings collection is very affordable ( prices start with £ 6.90 per item) it can be found on the website WWW.CONVERTIBLE-FASHION.COM and it consists in a variety of styles,  sizes and materials.