Men, women not so different when it comes to shopping behavior

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Over two-thirds of men and two-thirds of women do the majority of their shopping online and more than two-thirds of men and women are using their smartphone for e-commerce.

And that’s just two examples of how male and female shopping habits are aligned these days, according to a daVinci Payments national study on shopping behavior of men and women.

The findings reveal how each gender makes purchase decisions, incentives that prompt them to buy and what drives their brand loyalty, including the following:
• 88% of women and 83% of men choose brands with the best loyalty program.
• Amazon is the number one way both audiences learn about new products, with more than three-fourths of all men and women subscribing to Amazon Prime and two-thirds making the majority of their online purchases from Amazon.
• Prepaid is the number one preferred shopping reward.
• Price and quality are the top factors when making purchasing decisions.
• The majority of women and men choose a $100 rebate over a $50 instant discount.
• More than three-fourths of men and women would use a surprise offer that accompanied a prepaid reward or refund, providing a significant opportunity to drive spend back.

“Brands must up their mobile selling strategy to sell to more men and women,” Rodney Mason, daVinci Payments CMO, said in a press release on the study. “This means maintaining a significant presence on Amazon, offering loyalty rewards people prefer like virtual prepaid rewards, consistently delivering best-in-market prices most often derived from rebates, and capturing more return payouts by driving spend-back with offers attached to virtual prepaid rewards.”

“Brands have to work harder to engage men and women shoppers,” he said. “Every customer interaction has to be met with greater efficiency and focus on rewarding and paying them the way they want to be paid.”