The mobile app Beeblio helps you improve your vocabulary 5x faster

If you’ve ever considered improving your vocabulary skills then maybe you should consider utilizing a more modern approach. Beeblio is a mobile app that makes learning new words funnier and easier.

Smartphones can be very beneficial to us depending on how we use it from taking pictures to play music and making calls. We can also install apps that can help us improve our lives everyday. You as an individual can make very good use of your mobile device if you install the right applications for self development.

According to research there are over 5.11 billion mobile users around the world and 2.71 billion of them own smartphones. Instead of using your smartphone to post memes on social media and play games why don’t you consider using this technology to improve language skills? Whatever you want to learn, there are so many ways you can do that just by using your mobile device.

Most individuals have the desire to improve upon their vocabulary but do not have enough time to make this happen. This is why Beeblio was created to make your learning new words easy and less time consuming. As you improve using the app, your learning becomes more advanced and you can always look back to see how far you have come with its easy-to-use progress monitoring tools.

The app was developed to provide you with an easier faster way to improve upon your vocabulary. This app offers the best technology to help you improve your vocabulary within the shortest possible time. By using the Beeblio app learning becomes more fun without any cookie cutter experience.

The app gives you access to over 250,000 words to learn from with the latest technology designed to guide you along the way to develop your vocabulary quickly. Not only do you learn new words quicker but also you can select any article online and filter its words to learn.

The English language has one of the largest vocabulary which contains millions of words. If you want to learn how to speak English fluently you need to start with about 2000 words. The only way to achieve this is to learn at least one new word every single day. Studying shouldn’t always be boring, difficult and stressful.

One of the secrets to learning new words faster is dedication and constant reading. You need to regularly expand your knowledge to be able to communicate and write clearly without saying too much.

Knowing how to express yourself very well will make your life a lot simpler. People will understand you more easily and you will also understand things much better. Learning new words is fun and exciting and anyone can do it by reading books, magazines and even newspapers. Doing so will help you discover new words which you’ll then try to work out the meaning from the sentence as well as from looking up the definition in a dictionary.

Beeblio helps you do exactly this. The app gives you the option to provide a text content or a public URL, you can also upload a file to process a private content. After that, the app will filter from the text all the most frequent words of the language (you decide how many of the most frequently used words should be filtered out). Then you get the result presented as a list of words with useful resources to learn more about them. You can open the dictionary definition, or you can learn, in the context of the text, how to read, spell, and say each word. Best of all: you can save each word and sentences containing the word. That is how you can study and practice further at your convenience.

Beeblio is great for students, educators, institutions, professionals, journalists, and anyone who wants to improve their lives by developing strong vocabulary skills. No matter where you are in the world, you can use the Beeblio app and online platform.

Learning new words shouldn’t be painful, boring or difficult. By downloading the Beeblio app you can spend about 5 minutes of time learning while you take your breakfast in the morning, wait in line to get the bus or even during your school break.

The Beeblio app can help students learn how to speak and write with confidence. Write better essays, and improve their vocabulary with stress-free studying. Tutors can also give their students a vocabulary that opens doors for a lifetime. When young ones develop their vocabulary skills, they do not only become deep thinkers but also they excel academically.

Why spend time and money on old methods of developing your vocabulary when you could do that and more by simply downloading a mobile app or visiting the Beeblio desktop website. In this modern age, learning and improving your vocabulary can be easy and stress-free.

You do not need to create an account to begin using the Beeblio app. However, when you sign up, some features become available to you. For instance, you can save words in your account to review at a later time. Creating a Beeblio account is free and will take your less than 2 minutes. No matter your job or profession, writing, and public speaking plays a vital role in your life. This app was carefully designed and developed and is integrated with the world’s most intelligent dictionaries with innovative research that allows you to easily learn new words and help personalize your learning knowledge in order to be able to provide you with the best results. The Beeblio dashboard offers you helpful insights to target the words that need further instructions.

The founder of Beeblio say it’s just getting started. An Android and iOS version of the app should be coming soon, Beeblio is currently available for as a web app. You can now use Beeblio on desktop by visiting .