3 Quick E-Commerce Wins – How to Launch With a Bang


Some would suggest that it’s a difficult time to launch any new business, while others will point to the case studies which show how some of the best companies around have started in the middle of a recession.

If you have taken the plunge to start a new e-commerce site, a massive congratulations are in order. 

After all, regardless of your industry, it’s a brave move in the current situation we find ourselves in.

Now that you have taken the decision, today’s guide will take you through some of the quick wins which can transform your fortunes from both a conversion and traffic generating perspective.

It would be best if you had an architect

Futuristic Web Design Trends 2021

In the world of property, you need an architect. When it comes to web design, similar rules apply.

While you may have visited umpteen e-commerce sites and have your views on what works, nothing beats industry-knowledge. 

If you have any budget, consider a specialist e-commerce web design London company. 

They might do things only slightly different from what you imagined – but these small changes can result in monumental gains in the world of e-commerce.

E-Commerce Win #1 – Test, test and test again

The internet has created an era of continuous improvement. 

One way in which you can take advantage of this is to turn to A/B testing software. 

This is a platform that is installed within your website and can serve different versions of a page to other users. 

Quite often, half of the visitors receive one version, with the remaining users getting a different one. 

You can then make data-backed decisions on what designs and features you build-out.

Some websites will test full designs of a page, whereas others may go as granular as trying the colour of a button. 

One caveat is to make sure you test on a decent amount of traffic, as you won’t receive beneficial results on small visitor numbers.

E-Commerce Wins #2 – Need for speed

Web Design Hack Boost Loading Speed

If you have been involved in any form of website development, you’ll know all about the need for speed. 

In fact, from 2021, Google has even delivered specific metrics what your website should abide by if it is going to rank well in its search results.

As such, while we have always known the impact on a conversion rate when it comes to site speed, there could be an even more significant change to your so-called free organic traffic if you don’t get your house in order.

E-Commerce Wins #3 – The power of upselling

If you are looking to get out a minimum viable product during the opening months, this feature might not be possible. 

However, try and upsell as quick as your developers will allow for such features.

It has been a concept proven in the offline world, and the same rules apply here. 

Whether it’s suggesting new products when a customer is about to check-out or providing more customisation options on the product page itself, try and build in upselling campaigns as they are a proven method to boost average order values.